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Kind Jo Organic Beauty Bar

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Kind Jo Organic BB

Kind Jo Organic Beaty Bar is first of its kind, a private all organic and non toxic private beauty suite that focuses on the health of its clients and its environment! It all started when Keara had an idea of opening an all organic beauty services business and create her own skincare and makeup line. And decided to make a bold move and elevate the standards of the nail and beauty industry by focusing on the clients' and nail technicians' health.

Today, Kind JO is leading the industry by boldly banning all toxic ingredients and acrylic, and only offering the finest non toxic, organic products on the market. For Keara, a salon experience is more than just the a polish or cream application. She cares about your nails and skins health and the long term results of our exceptional quality products. Our featured brand is "Bio Sculpture Gel". All of the their products are clinically tested and is the only nail manufacturer that holds an International 5 Star Safety Rating. Bio Sculpture Gel is clinically tested to be safe to use on pregnant women, nursing women and chemotherapy patients. To the best of our knowledge they are the only manufacturer to employ clinical testing and holds this international title. Besides Bio Sculpture Gel, our other brand we use are vegan friendly and 5 and 10-free. "5/10-Free" is a term used in the nail industry to describe a product that is free of toxic chemicals, being Formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and no animal ingredients. Other brands include Zoya, Akzentz, Presto, Evo, TheGelBottle, and Footlogix.

We are also proud to introduce our own brand of Natural and Organic Skincare and Makeup.

"The healthier you starts with Kind Jo!"





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