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FootLogix 7+ Rough Skin Formula 4.2 Oz
(Formerly 7 Extra Dry Skin/Anti-Fungal Formula)

FootLogix 7+ Rough Skin Formula has been invented specifically for taking care of dry and rough feet. Based on the groundbreaking Dermal Integration Technology (DIT), the mousse formula features an ideal mix of water and natural lipids allowing the skin to quickly absorb this formula and repair each layer of the epidermis rapidly and thoroughly. It keeps the tough skin of the foot well moisturized, and also supplements and rejuvenates it. Footlogix is recommended for relief from itching, scaling, cracking, redness and irritation associated with fungal infections.

Directions For Use:
Shake the can well before each use
To be applied only on clean and dry skin area

FootLogix Rough Skin Formula Mousse

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